The Dengie Hundred

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Welcome to the ancient Hundred in Eastern Essex

Bradwell on Sea Recreational Facilities

Bradwell Recreation Ground

The recreational ground is sited behind the village hall.

There is a large metalled car park for joint use with the village hall.

A playground for small children is sited to the south of the village hall with a play area for older children to the rear.

There is a skateboard/bmx ramp/ course area to the rear of the hall.

A dog walk is marked to the north of the grounds which leads into fields.

Recycling containers are available in the car park.

There are no public toilets.

Bradwell Nuclear Power Station Sports Field.

This large grassed area is sited in Power Station Road.

It was designed for use by the Power Station Sports Club although in practice little use is made of the area.

Permission has ben given by the power station for its use by several local organisations.

A small sports pavilion is sited on the grounds.

The Beach and Sea Wall

There is a beach on the River side of the sea wall for virtually all of the parish boundary.

This provides for exercise and sunbathing.

Free car parking is available at Bradwell Power Station ( Marked area only) and at the St Peters Way car parking area in East End Road.

Other vehicular access is via private farm tracks.

Mill End Open Gardens

Six gardens open to the public at regular intervals in the year

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Shell Bank Nature Reserve

The Shell Bank reserve consist of 30 acres of shell bank with associated salt marsh.

The shells are mainly cockle and Oyster which have been piled up by the tides and current and are protected by a line of concrete barges.

The area is home to a variety of salt loving plants some of which are quite rare.

Shell bank is a bird watchers delight with countless waders on the shoreline and field birds plus predatory raptors on the adjoining land.

The site is jointly managed by Essex Wildlife Trust and Essex Bird watching Society who have an observatory at Linnets Cottage and several hides on site.

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Click here to find out more about Essex Bird watching Society observatory