The Dengie Hundred

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Welcome to the ancient Hundred in Eastern Essex

Anagrams of local places

Guess the place from the following 30 anagrams.

The answers can be village names, buildings or locations.

For example 'Genied' is an anagram of Dengie and more complex  'Ms Ivy Snoot a merrier cad' is an anagram of Ormiston Rivers Academy

The answers are available by clicking the link at the bottom of the page

Arsenal bowled
Bead a wild wrestler
Censored pig
Clad nothing
Crack locks
Damn herb buns
Damsel hah
Doberman fright
Eats gnats
Eel pest
Grim badlands shire
Hire plug
Honest truism
Hotel drama wow
Inherit gadgets
Lady seaman
Malign hilt
Mild man ally
Mod nun
Mono urban church
Nod control
No halter
Polite prancer
Salad noise
Seek race
Stretches apple
Vanilla Larch
Waitress mo
Wicker altar verb
Woo mammoth rider
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