The Dengie Hundred

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Welcome to the ancient Hundred in Eastern Essex

The Law as written by Dengie Dog

Dengie Dog

Dengie Dog is a handsome dog living in the Dengie 100 where he is in control of a family of humans.

To help us humans understand their dogs he has helpfully established some rules.

Dog Law 1: All swamps, ponds, muddy creaks and puddles are valid places to drink.

Dog Law 2: *Any food left unguarded for more that 10 seconds is mine. It doesn't matter if it is still on the stove or not!

Dog Law 3: If you leave the house to put the rubbish out, I *will* greet you the same as if you have been gone for 4 hours.

Dog Law 4: No matter how asleep you think I am, I *will* hear you open a packet of biscuits (even if you are in a different room).

Dog Law 5: If I have enjoyed my dinner, it is perfectly polite to come and wipe my slobbery chops over you, the sofa and the rug.

Dog Law 6: The sofa is mine. All of it!

Dog Law 7: That smell wasn't me.

Dog Law 8: Never trust cats…. or vacuum cleaners. Ever!

Dog Law 9: During walkies - if it moves, chase it. If it doesn't, pee up it.

Dog Law 10: Don't play with cats. You don't know where they've been.

Dog Law11: Swamps are the 'proper' place to have a bath. Soap is the work of the devil.

Dog Law 12: All encounters with rotting fish, crabs or birds must be rolled in (and fox poo of course).


Dengie Dog Consequences of Dog Law 11


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