The Dengie Hundred

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Welcome to the ancient Hundred in Eastern Essex

Dengie 100 Quiz

There are 15 questions relating to the dengie 100 listed below.

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What is the Saints Name for Burnham Catholic Church ?

2 What is the road number connecting Tillingham and Southminster?
3 Where do LADS perform?
4 What Kangaroo was associated with Burnham in the 1800's ?
5 How many stations are there on the branch line including Wickford?
6 Name the 2 pubs in Tillingham?
7 Which sand bank is nearest to the coast ?   a. Barrow  b. Buxey  c. Blythe
8 Which Yacht Club has Otters?
9 What village church contains furniture from HMS Victory?
10 Pigeon Dock is in which village?
11 Who was Burnham Clock Tower erected in memory of?
12 Which Monarch are the playing fields at Southminster named after?
13 Stansgate Abbey used to stand in which village?
14 What village has the petrified oaks?
15 How many lifeboats are based at Burnham RNLI ? 1 , 2 or 3

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