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Welcome to the ancient Hundred in Eastern Essex

Free winter saltbags

Essex County Council has the responsibility of keeping our roads safe. This includes gritting during icy or snowy weather.

They have entered into a partnership with a number of Town and Parish Councils to provide bags of salt for the community to use on public highways and footpaths in their parish with the agreement of the Parish Clerk during bad weather at locations that Essex County Council do not at present salt.

Each bag weighs about 20 kilos so carrying them requires transport and some strength.  The bags are free of charge. They are not available for private premises.

Essex County Council suggest suitable places for this salt to be used such as footpaths outside doctors surgeries, local shops and services and access routes to the main bus stops. These sites have been identified as priority areas for the local community and volunteers will clear them in the event of snow.

The scheme only works in Parishes listed below who have signed an agreement about their use.

To access the salt contact the parish clerk.


Burnham on Crouch

Cold Norton




Stow Maries


Woodham Walter