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Marconi Sailing Club

Marconi Sailing Club

The Club has a very large site in the River Blackwater offering great facilities.

Racing takes place from Spring to Autumn although pleasure sailing is an all year activity.

The highlight of the year is the East Coast Piers race which is a long distance race for catamarans starting from Osea island in the Blackwater on a course to the Pier at Walton on Naze and back. The race attracts a large international entry and represents a major organisational task for the Club.

Dinghies Classes include Lasers, Picos, Solo, Toppers, GP 14's, Mirrors and Wanderers.

Catamaran classes include Tornados, Hurricane, Prindle, Inter, Nacra, Dart and Hobie.

There are also active sailboard and cruiser sections.

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River Blackwater at Marconi SC


The Site of the Club has an interesting history being next to the site of historic Stansgate Abbey in the middle ages.

During the 1800's it was the base for a Coastguard vessel that served as a base for Coastguard operations in the central area of the Blackwater.

Click here to visit a page with the muster list of coastguard's at this site in 1881 and details of Coastguard watch Vessels.

The site was then used during WW2 as a base and gun emplacement.

The Club itself was originally formed by employees of  the large Marconi factories at Chelmsford although with the demise of Marconi's it became a private club.