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Stone Watersports Club

Stone Watersports Club

The Club has a large site in the middle of the village of St Lawrence on the River Blackwater .

Waterskiing from this site has taken place since 1971.

The facilities at Stone are amongst the best offered by waterski clubs in the UK.

The Club owns its own launching ramp with a good hard surface that allow launch in most tidal conditions when used with the clubs own tractors.

The core business of the club is waterskiing although the club also has kiteboards and Jetskis.

Races and events take place for junior members

One of the highlights of the year is the August Marathon which takes up to 3 hours to complete a 50 mile course. No arguments here that the winner is tough as well as skilled!

An extensive social program is operated by the Club

New adult and junior members are always welcome

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