The Dengie Hundred

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Welcome to the ancient Hundred in Eastern Essex

Woodham Walter Parish Council

The Parish Council comprises seven councillors and the Parish Clerk who administers the Council's affairs.

Meetings of the Parish Council, which are open to the public, are held at 8pm on the second Monday of the month in the Women's Club  Hall.

Details of all forthcoming meetings and business can be seen displayed on the Parish notice boards.

The Parish Council acts on behalf of the Parish in drawing matters of local concern to the relevant authorities and pushing for action.

However, the main activity of the Town Council is to help to keep the Parish a happy, secure and pleasant place for both residents and visitors.

Parish Council - FAQ

What does the Parish Council Do? I get confused by all of the Councils and who does what.

Some of the responsibilities of the Parish Council are listed above. If you have a problem that is not in the area of responsibility of the Parish Council they will be able to refer you to the correct authority or take up the problem for you.

Click Here to view a web page which lists common problems and the Authority or organisations responsible

How do I contact the Parish Council?

You can contact one of the Parish Councilors but the normal way is to contact the Parish Clerk who may be able to deal with your query, pass it to the appropriate person or place it on the Parish Council Agenda for discussion.

Click here to visits a page displaying the current contact details for Parish Clerks. 

The Parish Council have their own web site. Click here to visit their website.